Warehousing Services.

Our logistics experts, combined with the industry's leading technologies, ensures your business is run cost effectively and efficiently.

Logistics Solutions to Help Businesses from Start to Finish.

AYO Logistics invests time and expertise to fully understand your business before designing plans to improve your supply chain. We take responsibility for the performance of all our suppliers and for ensuring the availability of resources and equipment needed to control the flow of goods under our charge.

3PL Warehouse Fulfillment.

Our third party logistics (3PL) services provide our clients with receipt and storage of goods, accurate inventory management and reporting, picking and packing of pallets, cases and/or individual units to fulfill orders directly to your customers. Our innovative technology combined with our staff expertise ensures a seamless and accurate account of your goods in real time.

B2B Fulfillment.

Our business to business fulfillment services involves fulfilling wholesale orders to other businesses, retailers, or distribution centers. We remove the stress and uncertainty of dealing with this intricate process. As there are varying retailer regulations, our team of experts will bring years of experience to ease this complex process.


B2C Fulfillment.

We take all the stress out of your day to day eCommerce, business to consumer fulfillment. We work tirelessly to ensure your product is securely delivered to your customer in a timely and cost effective manner. We know the value of your customer's experience to the success of your business, and are there to support you 24/7. Our commitment is to both you and your customer, with emphasis on accuracy, attention to detail and strong communication.


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